Open hours:

Mon to Fri: 10am to 8pm, Sat: 10am to 6pm

About Our Clinic

<name of the dental clinic>

Situated in the heart of the western suburbs… Andheri W..
in the posh locality of Versova, Mumbai India is <name of
the dental clinic>!!

Our Mission

To provide high class facility treatment

Professionals in our Clinic

<list of doctors>

ORANGE is Vibrant.It denotes Energy and Warmth!  It is
Mentally Stimulating and Sociable!

WHITE projects Purity, Cleanliness and Neutrality!

SILVER GRAY is Cool, Livlier and Playfull.It is Glamorous
and Elegant!

It is a combination of these three that gives (name of the
dental clinic> a DISTINGUISHED IMPRESSION!!  Situated
in the  heart of the western suburbs..Andheri…in the posh
locality of Versova is


W        e, of <name of the dental clinic>, believe in
offering you the best for that beautiful smile you always
wanted on a strong foundation of good healthy gums!!!  
We offer all types of oral and dental therapies, using the
very latest technologies and equipment available in the
dental world today.

L        ASERS…. the latest to bring about a revolution in
the dental field...for all those who shiver on the dental
chair is available at <name of the dental clinic> ….for that
absolute pain free root canals and surgeries you always
wished for!!!  Our practice is totally devoted to the purpose
of providing you not only the natural beauty of your smile,
but also restoring the health of your gums and teeth, so
that your smile lasts you a life time.

T        o ensure this, the doctors at <name of the dental
clinic>, check the overall health of your teeth and gums,
take x-rays and study models and then provide you with a
comprehensive treatment plan.  The doctors take time to
sit and discuss with you the treatment options, know and
understand the patients expectations before proceeding
with the treatment, to give you that long lasting healthy
smile, using the most conservative approach and state of
art technologies.

DENTAL CLINIC>………Also at <name of the dental clinic>,
we understand the importance of infection control.To
protect our patients and ourselves, we maintain strict
sterilization protocols, wherein every instrument is
scrubbed with a disinfectant.  After being immersed in an
ultrasonic bath with dis-infecting enzyme, the instruments
are pouched and untouched by human hand.They are
then autoclaved (steam sterilized) and kept in ultra violet
chambers.  Disinrecting spray is used on dental chair and
working table after each patient and the entire clinic is
swabbed with an anti-microbial solution twice daily!!

V        isiting a dental clinic is not really inviting for anyone
and most dread the thought of sitting on the chair.  At
<name of the dental clinic>, we try to make the visit and
experience a pleasant one.  Though the waiting is  not
much, (as we prefer working by prior appointments only)
…you have a choice of listening to soft music and sip
green tea in a southing ambience to settle your rattled

O        ur entire team, doctors and friendly staff is always
dedicated to provide you personalized care and service to
make your visits as comfortable as possible!!!  This
reflects in the beautiful smiles of our model and make our
website oh so beautiful!!

<N        ame of the dental clinic>, is also a training centre
for dental implants and lasers, for the enthusiasts who
want to sharpen their skills with the latest in dental
technologies!  A weekend every month is when you shall
see, dentists busy with workshops on dental implants
headed and orchestrated by Dr. <name> and Dr. <name>.

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday: 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Saturday: 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

About Our Clinic

<name of the dental clinic>

<Name of the dental clinic> is located in the heart of the
western suburbs of Mumbai, in the posh neighbourhood
of Versova, in Andheri West.

Our Mission

To provide high-class facilities and treatment.

Our Professionals

<list of doctors>

ORANGE is vibrant.  It stands for health and happiness
and sunshine!

WHITE is pure!  It represents safety and perfection!

SILVER GRAY is playful and lively, but also glamorous
and elegant!

Together, these colours create an atmosphere that is
both welcoming and reassuring.


W        elcome to <name of the dental clinic>!!  We can
make that beautiful smile of yours even better than it
already is!!  We want your gums and teeth to be healthy,
and have the expertise and equipment to do make sure
they are.

E        xpect the best!!  Everyone is unique, and our
doctors take the time to sit with you and discuss your
treatment options.  We have to know what your
expectations are before we proceed.  Our goal is to give
you the most comprehensive plan possible, to make
sure your smile lasts a lifetime.

L        asers are the latest technology to revolutionize
dentistry.  They eliminate the pain usually associated
with root canals and other surgery, so we can focus
instead on the natural beauty of your smile.

C        leanliness is paramount!!  We maintain strict
sterilization protocols: every instrument is systematically
disinfected, we sanitize the dental chairs and working
tables after each patient, and we swab the entire clinic
twice daily with an antimicrobial solution!!

O        ur hope is that your visit to our clinic will be a
pleasant one.  We try to minimize your wait time, and
provide soft music and green tea for your enjoyment.

M        aking you comfortable is also a priority.  You
may find it difficult to leave!!

E        very month, one weekend is devoted to
workshops held by Drs <name> and <name>.  They will
show you how dental implants and laser technology can
make your smile even more beautiful.